Eileen Davis Workshop

Two day weekend Seminar with International Medium Eileen Davies, and Specialist sound therapist Ben Davies: Exploring the trance States and looking at Entrancement: 21st of September and the 22nd of September.
The venue : The Spiritualist Union of Ireland Clondalkin Dublin.
This is a weekend of Exploring the trance states,also Eileen will be looking at how to build a foundation to encourage progression within the trance States.
During the weekend we will be looking at how our ability to trust and surrender can enhance our capacity to be the best Chanel for the Spirit
Confidence building techniques: How the power of sound can disarm the rational mine,enabling freedom to Experiment with your abilities.
This course aims to focus on promoting a deeper blending with the spirit world, leading to all aspects of the trance States.
Entrancement is a mediumistic state where we are immersed in the power and the presence of the spirit.Which supersedes the everyday awareness of the Medium. By learning to understand our Mediumship we enable ourselves to become receptive and improve the quality of the communication, and how we respond to the influence of the spirit in a unique way .
Subjects cover:
The world of Trance communication
Learn to surrender and become the voice of the spirit
Trance Healing
Sound bath using symphonic gongs and Tibetan bowls
Automatic writing
Demonstration of Trance Mediumship.
There is a lot of interest in this course booking is essential to hold your place.
Contact : Angie Little for details if this is the course for you .
180 euro for non SUI Members. 175 euro for SUI members.

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