Spirit and Psychic Cleansing and maintenance Inside and Out

Includes energy resetting and clearing session (in group setting ).

We all heard those we consider more knowledgeable in spiritual matters or experience in the areas of spirituality. Healing, Mediumship and psychic awareness say the only protection you need is love and a good attitude. We perhaps have nodded in agreement feeling a little guilt that actually we feel like a small boat adrift in a big stormy ocean, that Often we are afraid and actually having a hard time coping and understanding how love can be enough. Especially when we walk into a room and get a bad vibe that’s overpowering to us. Or we picking up other energies such as others physical symptoms of illness or injury and worse still we don’t know if it’s ours there’s the place and it seems to be staying with us. Had that feeling? Came close to putting you off of doing any spiritual work? Yea back at the start, me too is all I will say.

So much of the world believes in demons and bad spirits fostered along by Hollywood and religious indoctrination. I wonder could there be some ulterior motive in this? Then of course we actually experience something that’s not too pleasant. That actually stays around and frightens us. Then what? Exorcism, feeling bad and trying to talk to people who tell you nothing like that is out there, yet you feel it and feel awful and afraid. Or meet people who tell you yes there is demonic forces but you don’t feel any better because while its working on you, holy shit batman in your mind you have a demon or negative entity tormenting the life out of you, that you can’t get rid of. Staying sane amidst that one is quite a tough call without help support and community. Now do you want to stop mediumship or healing? Many do but then again many don’t and find their way through it.
What about channeling and the ET’s? so much of the info and first-hand experience talks of oppressors and ET enslaving us to harvest our energy. How do we navigate this?
Not to mention the energy vampire amoungst physical people. They can leave you drained and listless and tired. How do we stop this from happening? can we even stop it?
Our country is one of great beauty and terrible tragedy. We have many areas of high and low vibration energy. Our very houses can become connected at times. How can we deal with this on a regular basis to clear or to rejuvenate our homes?
The course in its entirety deals with these topics in a practical and effective way.
How can love and a good attitude be enough against all that? Especially when we told its illumination or elimination and the new world energies signify that this is all going to progress in intensity severity and quicker than before.
Unreservedly I can tell you love, it is enough. All I use now is love and faith However I do specific things with those two energies. I also use more energies in a similar vain, in specific ways. For me love is enough. It did take me a period of time and to cycle through processes and methods of protection until I can say hand on hart love itself is enough. It is however what you do with it that counts.

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